Category Explanations

For convenience and to help with searching, all attractions have been divided into one of eight categories:

  1. Adventure, fun and softplay: theme parks, adventure parks, softplay areas, playgrounds
  2. Arts and crafts: Pottery, painting, face painting, basket weaving, drawing, building, traditional arts and crafts, craft fairs
  3. Arts, science and history: Museums, castles, stately homes, manor houses, theatres, churches, religious sites, learning and education
  4. Leisure: Cinemas, theatres, food & drink
  5. Sports: Athletics, climbing, dance, golf, crazygolf, pitch & putt, gymnasiums, ice skating, karting, laser shooting, paint-balling, skiing, snowboarding, snow sports and winter sports, skate parks, sports and leisure centres, swimming, tennis, watersports
  6. Trips and transport: Bikes, boats, buses, cars, horses, motorbikes, planes, trains
  7. Useful stuff: educational authorities, entertainers, first aid, local councils, name tags, party supplies, tourist information centres... and anything else we couldn't place elsewhere!
  8. Wildlife and nature: Animals, wildlife, farms, nature parks, zoos, sea-life, marine life, gardening, woods and forests, gardens, shorelines and beaches, conservation areas.